QuickBooks FAQs


QuickBooks is the software tool that helps you understand the story your numbers are telling you. Is QuickBooks doing everything it should to help your business succeed?


Our personal service and virtual environment can make QuickBooks a more useful tool for your business. At home? At the office? At the beach? It doesn’t matter! Conveniently, wherever you and your computer are, our QuickBooks ProAdvisors are able to connect to your computer via remote access technology and provide hands on support.


Anywhere, anyplace, Washington Tax & Financial Service. can stop the wheels from spinning and keep moving your business forward.


What types of QuickBooks consulting services will Washington Tax & Financial Service provide?

QuickBooks Set-Up Monthly or Quarterly evaluation of your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Diagnose Problems Problem Resolution Staff Training On-going Support Accounting Clean-Up Budgeting


Why does my business need a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

Many of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors have been working in QuickBooks for over 10 years Leverage our experience to save you time. At Washington Tax & Financial Service, we value continuing education and require all of our CPAs and accounting professionals to complete Intuit’s curriculum to become certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We know it will enable us to provide the expertise needed to address our client’s QuickBooks issues in a timely manner. With our staff’s ProAdvisor certification, Intuit provides us with the software, support, information and resources necessary to give the outstanding service and support to our QuickBooks and business clients. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors enjoy unlimited technical support from a team of over 100 U.S. based agents who exclusively address accountant software issues. If a client has a complex issue that our ProAdvisor needs assistance with, he/she is able to obtain priority status when getting assistance in order to resolve your issue quickly. We know that your time is money!


What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

QuickBooks remote access allows our certified ProAdvisors to resolve problems, provide support & training, and perform reviews of your QuickBooks file as often as you request. Remote Access is a secure service that allows us to access and work on everything on your PC from any other computer with an Internet connection. Remote access powered by LogMeIn Rescue enables us to quickly and easily access your QuickBooks file and other necessary programs and documents so you can keep your financials accurate and up to date.


How does QuickBooks Remote Access work?

You visit our website, type your name into our remote access page, and VOILA! We are on your computer. After we connect, we can instantly view and work with you in your QuickBooks files. No need for technical explanations – it’s all right before our eyes! This allows our experts to identify and correct any problems immediately and provide you with hands on training when necessary.


What versions of QuickBooks work with QuickBooks Remote Access?

Remote access works on any computer with an internet connection. If you’re online, we can help you.


How can I be certain my data is safe and secure with QuickBooks Remote Access?

Count on Remote Access to provide multi–layer protection with application–level access control. All the data transmitted during remote access session is encrypted using industry standard 128–Bit SSL. Remote Access is firewall friendly and can work through ports 80 and 443, the standard ports for HTTP and HTTPS–based communications. These ports are already configured to permit traffic in almost all firewalls. Because additional ports do not need to be opened in the firewall, the security of corporate networks is not compromised. For enhanced security, QuickBooks Remote Access has two–factor authentication: to access your remote PC, you need to provide a login username/password and access code. The access code for each PC can be unique.


What are the system requirements to use Remote Access?

Ability to run ActiveX controls with administrative rights on your computer.If I don’t use Remote Access, how else might I contact Washington Tax & Financial Service ProAdvisors for support?Our team of accounting professionals is available for QuickBooks consulting via phone, email or by appointment onsite at your place of business. If leaving an email, one of our certified ProAdvisors will usually reply within 24 hours.


When is QuickBooks consulting available?

Monday thru Friday 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. We are also available by appointment outside these hours.What is the cost of QuickBooks consulting? Our fees for QuickBooks consulting range from $55-$150/Hour depending on the level of expertise necessary. We also can quote monthly fees for maintenance and support.


Does Washington Tax & Financial Service have a service guarantee?

Our experts will do everything possible to deliver an exceptional level of service and satisfy our clients. However, if a client notifies our ProAdvisor at the end of the consultation that he/she is not satisfied with the outcome, we will not charge the client. For additional information regarding Washington Tax & Financial Service QuickBooks consulting, Contact us by phone or submit a request at the bottom. 

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